Measly Earnings for Tamil Shoemakers

29 maj

Working fulltime in their own homes, putting their health at risk with the chemicals they use, to make the shoes sold in Western shops.  The Indian organisation Cividep wants to raise awareness about the poor working conditions of the women that earn just over 40 dollars per month.

Norwegian Trade Union Boycott Israel

19 maj

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) has voted in favour of a boycott against Israel, which is expected to affect cultural, economical and academic ties. Condemnation has come from Isreali politicians, diplomats and unions.

Black labour for sale

12 maj

Johannesburg. If Glenda Rampapana is lucky, she could get a day’s work at sunrise. The unemployment rate is at 27 percent in South Africa where the government wants to implement a minimum wage. However, the proposal is causing concern.

”My family is dependent on my tuktuk income”

10 maj

PHNOM PENH. He parks his tuktuk on the sidewalk of a heavily trafficated Phnom Penh thoroughfare. Just like millions others in cities all over the world, Sor Chanak makes his living driving people around.

Poverty drives wages down

8 maj

Phnom Penh. H&M has made promises to raise wage levels and increase worker influence in the garment factories of Cambodia.  The validity of these supposed ambitions is being criticized. ”What have they actually achieved? Nothing!”, says Sajsa Beslik, sustainibility banker at Swedish Nordea.

H&M respond: »Minimum wages went up in January«

8 maj

The transparency into H&M’s projects is non-existant claims sustainability banker Sasja Beslik at Swedish Nordea. The fashion retailing giant respond to these accusations, and aid agency SIDA question what the alternative option is.

Leftist Voters May Favour Le Pen

3 maj

Hayange. Leftist voters are causing increased uncertainty in the upcoming second round of the French presidential election. Hugues Miller is a union representative in a Front Nationale stronghold. He dislikes Marine Le Pen, but is still planning to protest with a blank vote.

Migrants in Latin America Faced by Informal Labour

3 maj

A large proportion of the 4.3 million migrant workers in Latin America and the Caribbean survive by working in the informal economy or in irregular conditions. An invisible wall that is necessary to bring down, together with discrimination and xenophobia.

Lives will be lost

25 april

Johannesburg. The escalating competition between taxi companies and Uber has turned violent. Uber drivers have had their vehicles vandalized and there have been instances where drivers were physically assaulted.

Women clearing bombs in Cambodia

24 april

Mao Neav takes a few quick steps out into the field, followed by her faithful dog Onada, tail wagging, tongue out and panting, ready for what is out there. The field is peppered with cluster bombs.