Lives will be lost

25 april

Johannesburg. The escalating competition between taxi companies and Uber has turned violent. Uber drivers have had their vehicles vandalized and there have been instances where drivers were physically assaulted.

Women clearing bombs in Cambodia

24 april

Mao Neav takes a few quick steps out into the field, followed by her faithful dog Onada, tail wagging, tongue out and panting, ready for what is out there. The field is peppered with cluster bombs.

Climate Funds – Not for the Poorest

20 april

Climate change is making poor countries poorer, yet funding meant to address its economic consequences has been slow to materialise. Instead funding bodies are choosing to invest in green energy projects in middle-income countries.

Tensions in Cambodia are growing

19 april

PHNOM PENH. Tensions in Cambodia are growing. The reigning party have been in power for decades, but as the upcoming elections in June come closer, support is gathering for the opposition. The response from the government has been to pass laws that seek to silence protests.

Breast Milk is Exported to the US

7 april

In a shed made of boards and tarps, one-year old Nune is in deep sleep as his mother Check Srey-Toy gently rocks his hammock. Then she tells me that she sells her breast milk to the US.

Making Wage Protest Illegal

6 april

PHNOM PENH. Outlawing demonstrations for higher wages could become Cambodian law. A new proposal has created a furore among labour unions, but is welcomed by the employer’s organization. Textile workers, that produce clothes for among others the Swedish fashion industry, are in the midst of the conflict.

World Bank ignores land grabbing

3 april

Crisis still hitting wage growth

28 mars

The reviving economies of the European Union have seen some positive impact in the labour market over the last year. Developments though are slow and the opinion that wage increases could spur growth is gaining traction.

”We need to speak out against this party ”

11 mars

AMSTERDAM. Austerity measures, a general disrespect for working class people and the crisis within the Dutch Social Democratic party PvdA have laid the groundwork for Geert Wilders’ popularity in the Netherlands, says Catelene Passchier, Vice President of the country’s largest trade union.

The United Nations and the Religious Right​

9 mars

Religious advocacy groups have a long history of working with the United Nations, pushing back against progressive interpretations of the terms ‘family’ and ‘marriage’ as enshrined  in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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