”We need to speak out against this party ”

11 mars

AMSTERDAM. Austerity measures, a general disrespect for working class people and the crisis within the Dutch Social Democratic party PvdA have laid the groundwork for Geert Wilders’ popularity in the Netherlands, says Catelene Passchier, Vice President of the country’s largest trade union.

The United Nations and the Religious Right​

9 mars

Religious advocacy groups have a long history of working with the United Nations, pushing back against progressive interpretations of the terms ‘family’ and ‘marriage’ as enshrined  in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ryanair avoided a trial

7 mars

Ryanair avoided a trial date with stewardess Alessandra Cocca by agreeing to pay her €64000. Ending a four year drawn-out dispute after a dubious dismissal.

Ecco Subcontractor in Breach of the Law

2 mars

Low wages, precarious employment, and lots of overtime. A recent report from the EU project ”Change Your Shoes” show that Indonesian subcontractors for several European footwear companies, including Ecco and Deichmann, are not in compliance with the law.

Robotization – Challenges for Lawmakers

24 februari

In our workplaces and factories, in our hospitals, and on our streets; smart robots will be part of our everyday lives. Yet who will be responsible when things go wrong? Within the European Union such questions are having an impact on what could be a historic change in legislation.

10 000 allowed back to work in Turkey

10 februari

Paperthin protection for LGBT activists

1 februari

Undocumented workers raise their voices

8 oktober

Margaret Drabble keeps on fighting

21 december

50 years ago she wrote the important feminist novel The Millstone – which is now reprinted in Swedish. During her visit in Stockholm she explains how the book changed society a bit. Her next novel, The Dark Flood Rises, links aging to global injustice.

Foto: Estrella de la Reguera

Ungersk filosof: ”Orbán är rasist – så enkelt är det”

26 september

Arbetet Global fick en exklusiv intervju med den ungerske filosofen och regeringskritikern Gáspár Miklós Tamás i hans hem Budapest. Läs utskriften av intervjun på engelska här.

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